Sunday, August 31, 2008

Random Labor Day Weekend Post

Well, after a hiatus of a couple of weeks, we went house hunting again on Saturday and didn't see much that interested us. There were really problems with everything we looked at. I guess the most interesting thing we saw was a life-sized blow-up doll hanging from a ceiling fan. Yeah...I'm sure there was quite a party in that house.

So, we'll probably look again next weekend. :P

I do feel ready to move on. I want a new space with new projects and new opportunities. Things are starting to feel stale.

I have finished all of the things on the mini-list of stuff I wanted to do before we move out, except for karaoke at Rock It Grill. I was going to go with Tej last night actually, but gave up on it because a) I had some drinks early on and didn't feel like going out for more drinks after and b) because I decided I wanted to go check out Tej's new apartment with her. I'm sure I can make time to go some night after work in the next few weeks. It'd be cool if I could get a good group of people there, because that'd make it more fun.

Oh, I and I need to revamp the 50 things list. I know I want to add "Start composting" onto the list. The pull-up thing can probably go.

Today I made a salad with watermelon, tomato, red onion, basil, feta, and balsamic. I stole the idea for it off Rustico's menu. I have a crapload of tomatoes because it's that time of year AND I got a watermelon and basil from Farmer John this week, so it made sense.

Even though I can't seem to move on lately (and, you know, FINALLY get a house...), there have been a lot of other things happening around me. Change is going to happen whether I make it happen or not, I suppose. It may take me a bit to process all the recent events. At work, a couple of people are leaving/things may be shaking up/we may hire someone new. In the fam, my sister told me she and Paul are going to sign her divorce papers soon (okay, this one I've known was coming and am ready for it). Also, my Uncle Tom passed away yesterday morning. I hope my dad is taking it okay. It's hard for me to gauge him. He did mention it to me on the phone, but I don't really know how he's feeling about it.

Monday, August 04, 2008

Stalled Out

Jake and I put an offer on another house this weekend. It's the third one we've put an offer on so far. I'm not optimistic that we'll get this one. There's already one offer on it and more will probably come in. We're not offering much above list because the list price was about what Jake and I have decided we're willing to spend. Yeah. I'm at this point where I feel that I'm spinning my wheels and not getting anywhere. If this one falls through, we may take a break from looking for a while. It just feels as though there are too many people looking in the same places we are and I'm getting tired of competing for houses. I just want to try to enjoy the rest of the summer instead of running around looking at real estate on the weekends.