Monday, February 26, 2007

Phew...2 hour delay

I have a two hour delay at the school this morning. I'm glad. I have some time to breathe this morning, yet I don't have to make up any more snow days (we have had 4 so far this year...we've made up 2 and still need to make up two more...oh, work on Saturdays...). I would have liked to stay at home all of today because I really need some time to relax. My job is driving me nuts. We had a six day week last week and I don't like the room they've had me in recently. I know I don't want to have to make this up, though.

I think my job is breaking labor laws, but I don't know how to bring it up to them without putting myself at risk. Is there a way for me to whistleblow without them tracing it to me? They make us drive kids home in the afternoons sometimes. This can take up to three hours sometimes. They pay us a flat rate of $14 to do it. How can they do that? It's less than minimum wage. Jake thinks they are also breaking labor laws because we don't get breaks or a time for lunch...we have what they call a "working lunch". I have to shovel food into my mouth while running back and forth handling kids having maladaptive behaviors.

In happier news...
Jake and I went to DC Improv mid-week. I always have a good time watching comedy. I think that I should care less about being responsible at my job and just go out and have a good time when I can.

We also went to see the movie "An Unreasonable Man" at E Street Theatre. Ralph Nader came and spoke to the crowd afterwards and answered questions. It was cool. I really appreciate Ralph Nader a lot more now. I didn't even know all the stuff about how he made it so we have seatbelts in cars.

Jon and Ellen had us over yesterday afternoon to watch the Badger basketball game. I can't believe we lost by one point. Ugh! Well, I think we're going to show Ohio State by kicking ass in the NCAA tournament. So there.

Tim is coming out to visit Jon and Ellen in a couple of weeks. I think Jake and I will have to make a point of going to hang out with him while he's here. That should be fun...I haven't seen Tim in a while, so it'll be nice to catch up.

I feel like I don't have enough time for self-reflection lately. Or, at least I don't feel that I have enough time to write about what I've been thinking. Jake's probably had enough of me talking about the meaning of my life and how my current job doesn't fit how I've personally defined the meaning of my life. I maybe should write out some of the things I've been thinking about because otherwise I might forget them later. I just don't feel that I have enough time in my day. I have to put in all this extra time at work lately...I have a million books I'm working on reading...I'm trying to have a social life...I keep falling into the temptation to job search online...I just feel like I'm bouncing around like crazy right now.

I joined the gym at the patent office this past week so that I can meet up with Jake after work a few times a week to exercise. I have to go in and meet with a trainer on Wednesday. They're going to tell me about my body composition and I don't know what else...maybe try to sell me on more sessions with a personal trainer.

Okay, this is random and disjointed but I felt like putting an update on here.

Oh, five more work weeks until I come home! Let the countdown begin! I can't wait!

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Beauty School Dropout

I need to learn how to put on makeup. It'd probably look best if I wore some on my wedding. I just don't think I really know how to put on makeup very well. Any of my friends...are you able to give me a tutorial?

Support Local

On Friday, Jake and I made plans to go see some local bands at the Black Cat in DC. We went out to this restaurant beforehand called Cafe Saint-Ex that supports local farms. I thought it was cool that they actually listed on the menu where the meat they serve comes from. Their burgers come from Smith Meadows Farms. Jake and I bought pork chops and a beef roast from Smith Meadows recently at a farmer's market. I want to own a restaurant that serves environmentally-friendly food. I'm jealous. Maybe I can develop my own restaurant that serves local, sustainable food that isn't quite as pricey. Jake and I spent a lot there on dinner, but I'm sure that a menu could be developed that didn't cost that much yet still provided support to local farmers.

I also enjoyed going to see music. We saw three bands: Lejeune, Bicycle Thieves, and the Sketches. My favorite was Lejeune, but Jake disagreed with me. Everything that I do outside of my job makes me want to quit and do something else. I'm going to quit my job, own a restaurant, become an activist, start my own rock band, and be the boss of myself. At least...I wish.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Random Pictures From Our Poker Party

Happy Valentine's Day!

I got the day off work today because of ice and snow. Unfortunately, I will probably have to make it up. We're already making up a different snow day on the last Saturday
in February. Boo.

Jake got 2 hours of leave today because of the weather.

I'm trying to think of what song Jake and I should have for our first dance at the wedding. Recently, I really wanted to have the song "Run" by Ben Kweller. I like it because it's upbeat, the lyrics work well, and it's a newer song that hasn't been used by a million other couples at their wedding. I don't want a slow song or one that's overly mushy or one that everyone else uses at their wedding. Jake doesn't like it, though. He thinks the piano part is annoying or something. Does anyone have a suggestion for a good song?

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

The groundhog didn't see his shadow...does that mean spring break will arrive more quickly?

I'm getting irritated with my job lately. I really want to quit. I'm looking forward to the day that I can...

I was told over a month ago that I was going to be moved up into a teaching position. Well, I checked on that recently and now its not happening because they need to get their "census numbers" up so they have more money coming into payroll. Blah. What a load of crap.

I suppose it's in my best interest to hold onto this job until I at least get married. After that, all bets are off. If I'm not moved up by then, I think I'll be ready to look elsewhere for a job.

Hmm...what else has been happening lately? Jake and I bought a bunch of new houseplants. I got a rubber plant that I named Melvin. We also got a jade plant and a Warneckii dracanae that Jake named Dibble and Jiggy.

I went to a going away party for a friend this past weekend and danced on speakers at a club. I also decided that I really don't enjoy the clubbing scene. Clubs get far too crowded, it's always too loud to have an actual conversation, and I always end up going out way past my bedtime. Anyway, here's a picture of me while I was on top of the speaker with Kristina and Tammy:

Jake and I are having people over for poker on Friday. There should be a good crowd. I think we might drink brandy old fashioneds. Yay!