Friday, October 31, 2008


Jake and I finished our move to the house last weekend! Yay! Here is a collection of pictures from the experience:

Jake with our moving truck. We got one for free from our realtor! We're also allowed to reserve it whenever we want now. Awesome. Anyway, the main point of this picture is to display the party bus parked in the front yard of our neighbors' house.

Here are some of the pictures of the inside of the house:

Our family room. I call this the "man cave". Note the new big tv Jake decided to buy.

The kitchen.

The dining room, along with a pile of packaging and crap from the new tv. I'm still waiting to throw that out. I'm hoping it's out by this Wednesday (garbage day).

The front room. This is the room you see when you walk into the front door. It's fairly sparse and random right now. We'll move the couch and chair from the "man cave" to this room once our sectional couch arrives in 8-10 weeks.


Bathroom. We also have a half bath right across the hall, but I didn't include a picture of that one.

Master bedroom.

Guest bedroom.


Tejal and Jon were nice enough to help us move. Yay! We went to Clyde's in the evening. We shared a lobster between the four of us and a few random appetizers. We all got to have pictures in the bibs, though.
Me and Tej in the lobster bibs.

Jake and Jon in the lobster bibs.

Now to plan the housewarming. The date is still TBD. I'm hoping January, but we'll have to see...

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Election Yard Signs

I read this article recently about yard signs and elections.

I've been thinking that yard signs are kind of stupid. I mean, who looks at yard signs and says, "Well, my neighbor is voting for candidate X, so I think I will, too"? I'd hope it wouldn't work that way. I don't really see the point in yard signs, so I read that article to see if they had any redeeming qualities, or even if they work in ways that aren't apparent to me. This particular article said that signs increase the level of support among the people who actually put them out. I don't know if I think that's good or bad. Good if it's a candidate I agree with on the issues, and bad if it's one I disagree with, I suppose. I guess if I were the person running for office, I'd try to get people to put out my yard signs, too, because it would be a smart move to increase my level of support. But, inside, I'd just be thinking how silly yard signs are.

Yesterday, Jake and I went for a walk after dinner. Our route took us past a large home with a big brick fence around it. It's probably valued within the multi-million dollar range, considering it's in Old Town. A couple of weeks ago, I walked past the same house and it had a couple of your average-sized yard signs out for McCain. Well, yesterday those yard signs had been replaced with a couple of GIGANTIC signs, one for McCain and one for a local candidate whose name escapes me now (though I do remember the slogan at the bottom of his sign: "Drill Here, Drill Now!"). They were so gigantic, I don't know if I can still call them signs so much as banners. They were at least a couple of yards long by a couple of yards high. I wish I had taken a picture to include because these signs were just ridiculous. Maybe if I have time in the next week before we move, I'll swing by there again, just to snap a photo. In conclusion, I can tell everyone that I have seen that yard signs do lead to escalation of commitment. The people who own this house have committed to much bigger yard signs over the past couple of weeks.

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Performance enhancement

I just heard about this stuff called Gamer Grub. Oh stupid marketing, I love it! The next time I get a chocolate craving, I think I should make sure it's "strategy chocolate".

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Poll function

I'm not sure if there's a way to embed the poll function right in my posts. So, if you're coming directly to my site, please answer the poll question of the week. Which is better, circus peanuts or candy corn? If you'd like to provide a rationale for your choice, feel free to post in the comments below.

Gallup is wasting its time with polling people about Obama-McCain, while I am here asking the important questions in life.