Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Parents in Town

My parents came to town this past weekend. I was dreading it a bit, because I knew that they were expecting to sleep on the floor in my apartment and because they also talked about taking me to church out here. Luckily, they only spent one night on the floor and then went to Holiday Inn. I also somehow got out of the church thing. I'm not entirely sure how that happened, but my mom left the door wide open for me to say that I didn't want to go. So, we went on a segway tour around town on Easter instead. Here's a picture:

Yeah, I can't make sense of it. One hypothesis that I have is that my mom didn't want to piss me off too much while she was here. I think she wants to keep things amicable while I live far away. My mom also kept saying things to suggest that it was my grandpa that expected all of us to go to church, which I don't understand either...


I'm just glad to have gotten out of it and to have survived the whole thing.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Falling Behind

I constantly have the feeling that I'm not accomplishing everything I want. Do other people feel this way, too? I don't know if my day-to-day "to-do" lists are too ambitious or what...

Some of my recent examples of not measuring up to my own expectations:

  • I may shelve the idea of a weekly food blog. I did take pictures of a polenta chili bake I made two Sundays ago, but I've been too busy/stressed and possibly lazy to put them up. Oh, and the recipe was totally ad libbed, but I didn't bother to write it down. I think I'm waiting to make something more impressive before considering a recipe "authored". Yesterday, Jake and I made those brats and italian sausages from the guy who raises pigs in the woods on the grill. I didn't take any pictures though. Yup, the food blog is losing steam. Maybe if I make something cool once the CSA produce starts rolling in, I'll make some food posts...maybe.
  • I've been working on knitting this damn scarf for Jake for what seems like forever now. He'd better wear it after its finished.
  • When I started my job, I thought I'd get a lot more reading done, since I am on the train for 40-50 minutes total every day. However, I think my book reading is slowing down. I'll typically read the paper on the way into work. On my way back, I usually end up standing for at least part of the ride. So, I don't often get around to pulling out reading material coming home. Lately, I usually just listen to music. (Sidenote: I feel pressure to stay on top of the news constantly. Does anyone feel this? I feel like I need to be able to keep up with conversation at work...)

My parents were in town over the weekend. I want to try to write a blog about what we did and how things went. I may try to do that tomorrow...(Jake is busy with our cameras right now and I'll want to put in pictures).

Sometimes I really, really want to blog about work. A lot of what I want to say I don't think I should post online, though. Man, it's so tempting to do, though...

Maybe I can post about the disorganized catastrophe that was our last staff meeting. That might be safe. I wasn't over the line on the other staff meeting I posted about, was I? The one where we talked about the Meyers-Briggs?

There are things about how things operate at my job that I don't think I should put up, though. I also really want to write blurbs about the people I work with, but I wouldn't want them finding out I wrote about them or have their names up on here or anything.

Jeez, I wish I knew of a good set of rules about blogging about work. Maybe I should read up on examples of people who have been fired as a result of their blogs. Hmm...maybe I can do that while at work tomorrow.

Sunday, March 09, 2008

Sunday Dinner 3

This is called "Spicy Vegetable Stew with Dhal". This came from a cookbook Maria gave me a long while back...

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

It seems McCain is getting his science briefs from Oprah...

Yeah, read this...whoops. I wonder if he'll put out any sort of statement to correct this comment.

Monday, March 03, 2008

Sunday Dinner 2

I forgot to put this up earlier...but yeah, I cooked again this week. It's called White Bean Jumble and has potatoes, white beans, kale, and tomatoes in it. It's from the book "Student's Vegetarian Cookbook", which has lots of quick, easy recipes in it.