Sunday, July 16, 2006

Baby steps. Baby steps.

Well, I only ended up applying for three jobs this week. I thought that I'd do a lot more. Justin keeps saying that he would take advantage of the situation that I'm in. He says that he'd claim that he was looking for a job and instead drink and watch movies all day. I have to admit that I really don't want to find a job RIGHT NOW. I'd rather start something around the time the school year starts.

I've been working out in the gym upstairs. I feel like I'm getting over my social anxiety of having people see me work out. Right now, I like it a lot more than I thought I would. It may be hard to keep doing it if I get a real job, though. Right now, I wait until Jake leaves for work and then go up and work out. I think if I get a job, I'll want to go up in the morning before I leave for work.

I feel that I am a very boring writer. Do most people feel that about themselves? I just don't feel that I have as much insight or as interesting of a perspective or something. I'm just, "Blah blah blah...boring boring boring..."

On Wednesday, Jake and I went to a dinner party at his friend Jesse's house. A bunch of people from the patent office were invited to eat beef tenderloin and watch the show "America's Got Talent". Jake and I brought along a 1.5 liter bottle of wine. There were two other girls at the party. One was Angela, who works as an office manager at the patent office. Angela was interesting. She is a bit older than Jake and me (about 27-28ish), but she is talkative and funny. Jake and I were the only people drinking the wine we brought. Everyone else had beer or Mike's hard lemonade or something. Every time my wine glass was empty, Jake kept filling it right back up without even asking me if I wanted more. Jake and I ended up finishing off the entire 1.5 liters ourselves, which I felt bad about because we brought it as a gift to the party. Isn't it bad manners to do something like that? I was way more drunk than I hoped to be, which lead to a craptacular hangover the next morning. I think I may have been the drunkest person there. But, I was definitely being talkative and social. Angela seemed pretty cool, and when we left the party, I told Jake that I liked her. He told me that she was having people over for dinner at her place soon, and I made him promise that we could both go. The more I hear about Angela now, the more I think that she is pretty darn interesting. Jake says that she dates lots of different guys. He also said that he heard a rumor that she might have been some sort of groupie for a while. She also got married and then divorced some really rich guy straight out of high school, who bought her a $100,000 car. I'm intrigued. So, anyway, Jake and I are going over to Angela's for a spaghetti dinner tonight after he comes home from work. Jake has a theory that Angela and I have mutual "girl crushes" on each other because Angela sent him an email that said she thought that I was "very cool" and that she was glad we are coming over. I can't see why she'd think I was interesting. I can't remember really what I even talked about with her over at Jesse's.

Jake's been working lots this past week. He's been putting in time so we can stay in Boston this week. He's working today (Sunday) and worked yesterday (Saturday). Yesterday, I came in to see him at work and we went for lunch. We also went to the bank and opened some accounts together. It took forever. We were in the bank for about an hour, I think. I am confused by Jake's explanation of his budget system. We now have like 10 different accounts (two of them owned jointly) and I need to figure out how the heck we are paying for what from where. I think the woman at the bank was confused, too, when Jake tried to explain to her why we needed to open three accounts yesterday. I'm going along with it for now and hopefully I'll figure out the system soon enough.

Well, we leave for Boston tomorrow morning. I don't think Jake wants me to take my computer along, so I may be out of touch with people for a while. I'm sure I'll post when I come back and report on what we do in Beantown.


guammy_bear said...

Is Angela pretty?

That's the first question I always want to ask when I hear about a new girl.

Isn't that perfectly shallow of me?

I'm a bad person. Eh.

Yeah. I should start working out too...


Maria said...

I think I am a terribly boring writer.

Rexx and I have 4 accounts between the two of us. I still get confused. I bought myself a pair of hiking pants, but then he said that I could have paid for them out of the joint account because I need them for work. Whatever. I'll take the money...

Candy said...

I don't think Angela is particularly pretty. I'd say she's fairly average looking...medium-length hair and glasses...I think she has a tattoo on one of her arms(?). I'm bad at describing people physically. I asked Jake what he thought of her and he said, "Well, she does have big boobs." I hadn't even noticed her big boobs. So there you have it.