Tuesday, June 28, 2005


Here are some pictures of Lelani and me eating brats at Bratfest. One day, we want to have a eating contest (we're considering soft-shell tacos...is that a good contest food?). Lelani will probably beat me. We peer pressured each other into eating 5 brats a piece the day of Bratfest. I freaked myself out by thinking that I was going to make myself puke. I was definitely ready to be done after those 5 brats, but Lelani said she could keep going. Her goal is to train to be a real competitive eater. I have faith that she can do it. Dude, check out the website for the International Federation of Competitive Eating.
There's a brat eating contest in Sheboygan on August 6th! Lelani, let's get in on that! Whoa, the first place winner gets $4000... I'm supposed to graduate with my Master's degree on August 6th, but since I'll have to pay a bunch of money to buy a cap/gown/hood, I don't think I'm going to walk for graduation. I think I need to go to Sheboygan instead! Hey Lelani, isn't Sheboygan one of those places with lots of wealthy, eligible men? Maybe we could pick one up for you at the Brat-eating contest! ;) Hee-hee.

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