Saturday, December 03, 2005

I'm going to pass at least one class

I submitted my IRB proposal yesterday. I'm so happy that Elk Mound agreed to do this survey, because the school psych there has been so helpful to me. She helped me write a letter explaining the survey to parents yesterday morning, and was really nice to me. She sat down and talked to me and gave me a cup of was awesome! I'm not going to have to get individual consents from the parents (provided that IRB is okay with what my proposal says...I'll find out in a week or two probably...). Maybe I can actually get my thesis done before I have to move in July.
I wrote my reflection paper today. It's five pages long (including my reference page...Christ, I can't believe she wanted us to have references for a reflection paper. I hope five pages is enough for her...her length requirements say "no more than 10 pages". I've heard through the grapevine that everyone else thinks 10 pages is way too much. Other people have said that they'll write 4-5 pages, so hopefully they'll stick to that. I need to work ahead on transcribing a counseling session, writing a paper for that class, and writing a paper for my reading class so that I can go home next weekend.

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Maria said...

Good Job!!!! :)