Sunday, March 12, 2006

Baby Got Back Part Deux

Matt took Lelani, Britt, and me to the classiest townie bar in all of Princeton this weekend- aka Buckhorn Bar. I was already ripped walking in the door because we had been partying at Matt's place beforehand. So, I had no qualms about marching in there...I didn't even notice all the people I knew in there right away. Anyway, we were pleasantly surprised to find out that there was karaoke going on AND "BABY GOT BACK" WAS ON THE PLAYLIST!!!!!!!!! Lelani and I got up there and tore the place apart...unless I was just drunkenly delusional. But I do recall that the dance floor was packed. I think we need to start a Sir-Mix-a-Lot cover band, Lelani. Or maybe we could just cover a bunch of early 90s cheesy rap, because what else does Sir-Mix-a-Lot sing? We need a clever on par with Lez Zeppelin. Thoughts, anyone?

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guammy_bear said...

Yeah. People congratulated us...but maybe they were drunk too.

I never can tell.

I always think whenever people pay me a compliment that they're doing it out of pity...

It was fun though. We really got that song down pat.

But I always get winded. I need to exercise.

For karaoke.

It's a serious sport.

Karaoke is.