Sunday, March 05, 2006


For the first time in a while, my apartment is somewhat clean. I don't have all the crap all over the floor that's typically there. Maybe it's because I took the NASP exam over the weekend...I think it gave me an excuse to finally pick up a bunch of study papers and books I've had lying around. Hopefully I passed so I don't have to drag all that stuff out again. I won't find out for another 4 weeks what my score is. Isn't that stupid? How does it take 4 weeks to run a scantron form and tell me the results?


Emily said...

From someone who's programmed scantron answers into the scantron machine and run scantron sheets through said machine, it simply does not take 4 weeks. And I even had to use a old school scantron where I had to feed each individual sheet into the machine. Nowadays I'm sure there's mnore high-tech self-feeding scantron machines out there. Scantron is a funny word.

guammy_bear said...

It sounds dirty.


I can see your scantron, young lady. Close your legs.

My place is a sty...

And now my brother is passed out on the floor snoring away.

Life is good. Exactly like I imagined it would be when I was eleven...

Only I'm without all the glamour, money, fame and impressive rack.