Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Yo quiero enchiladas de pollo. Y una Corona, por favor.

Well, nothing has been happening on the job front. I don't know what to do. Blargh.

I want to throw a party tomorrow. Jake and I have been over to dinner at other people's houses about four times since I've moved out. I figure that it's time that we host. It should work out well because it seems that the Hobbit has now actually left until the 14th. We haven't seen him since the one weird night when we thought someone else was sleeping in the apartment. I don't know if this party is going to take off or not, though...I've been bugging Jake to send invitations to the people he works with and he didn't send them anything until today. I'm going to be sad if no one is able to come because I really want to make enchiladas and play board games.

Jake and I flew to Chicago last Friday. The main reason we came back was for Mitch and Danielle's wedding, which was on Sunday. We stayed with Jake's family on Friday and Saturday night, though, so we did a few things in Wisconsin before checking into the hotel for the wedding. On Friday night, I met Joe, who has been Jake's friend since middle school. I guess Jake's mom has always said Joe was "a bad influence". Anyway, we went with Joe, Melissa (Joe's wife), their one-and-a-half-year-old son, Kirk (Joe's brother), and Amy (Kirk's wife) out to dinner in downtown Janesville. Then, we went back to Joe's place and played poker. I, surprisingly, came out as the winner. I think that was my best night of poker ever, probably because we weren't playing for money. But, maybe I'll take my poker playing skills along with me to Atlantic City later this week (ha...not really...I think I'm going to be scared to put down money on anything). On Saturday, Jake and I went and got haircuts in Janesville. The lady who cut our hair told us that she used to work for the FBI and then after that worked at Bell Laboratories in New York, where she met and married John Wiley (current UW-Madison chancellor), who she later divorced. I don't know what made her end up cutting hair in Janesville... Saturday night, we got together with Jake's parents and my parents for dinner at Great Dane in Madison. This was the first time we've had all of our parents together at once. My mom and Jake's mom met when we did wedding tasting, but this is the first time our dads have been included in an outing. I think it wound up going fairly well and wasn't too awkward, which is good.

Mitch and Danielle's wedding was a good time. The whole thing was held at the Sofitel Hotel not far from O'Hare. The hotel had a free shuttle to and from O'Hare, which was nice for Jake and me. The ceremony was very nice and there was a lot of emphasis placed on family in what the rabbi talked about. I didn't realize that Danielle has two cousins who are rabbis. Both did readings during the ceremony. Between the ceremony and the reception, everyone spent time eating hors d'oeuvres (yup, had look up how to spell that...) and drinking. They had an open bar at the wedding, which did me in. Yeah...I need to learn moderation so as not to get any more hangovers. The hors d'oeuvres were really good, too. They had sushi and skewered beef and chicken...yum. After our dinner (stuffed chicken with rice), they also had a table full of different sweets, which was awesome. You can't go wrong with chocolate covered strawberries or chocolate covered anything, for that matter. The dance floor stayed fairly packed during the reception. Man, I think the way to go has to be to have a band playing "Hava Nagila" and everyone dancing in a circle. I'll have to copy that idea for my own wedding. ;) Jake and I managed to catch Mitch and Danielle for a picture together at one point during the night, so here it is...

On Monday, Jake and I took the train into Chicago and hung out around town before our flight left. We went to the original Billy Goat Tavern for lunch, walked around Navy Pier, peeked in some shops, and strolled through part of Milennium Park. Our flight landed back at Reagan National at the time it was supposed to, but then we sat on the ground for half an hour waiting for another plane to be moved away from the gate we were supposed to enter into. That was annoying.


Maria said...

Did you have your party?

guammy_bear said...

Aw. This looks NEAT!

Sorry I couldn't make it to Janesville. Though I really do LOVE vague plans and driving long distances. I'm sorry I missed the excitement.

That hair cut story sounds highly unusual...it just goes to show, I guess.

I actually don't know what it "goes to show". I just like tacking cliche endings onto comments these days...apparently.