Sunday, April 02, 2006


I turn 24 tomorrow. I put out the word to everyone in the school psych program through email that I would like to go to dinner tomorrow night. What if no one takes me up on it? Do I take myself out to dinner? I need to come up with a contingency plan. I can't come and sit at home by myself if no one comes. That's just too depressing.
I can't believe that I am turning 24. My parents came to celebrate my birthday this weekend. They brought a cake and candles. There are 24 candles in a package of birthday candles. This is the last year that one package will cover my cake. It's the end of an era.

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Emily said...

I'm glad to hear from you! I thought you were dead.

Hey, if you were in Korea your bday would have been today! Happy Birthday!!! Yeah, 24 is great. Also if you were in Korea, you'd be 25. That's how old I am here and b/c of that I always forget my real age. Also if you were in Korea, you'd want to go home.