Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Happy New Year

Well, I'm back in DC now. I'm ready to try to start getting into something of a routine once again. Being home forced me to deal with: my mom's anger and grumpiness surrounding the holidays, lots of snow, lots of germs being passed around (which caused me to get sick during the 2nd half of my trip), my grandma randomly breaking into racist rants, and much more! Now that I'm back, I'm currently dealing with a 5+ pound weight gain (every time I go home, there's all sorts of unhealthy food lying around and I end up grazing on it...ugh...I gained weight while at home for the wedding, too...), general grogginess involved in recovering from a cold, the fact that the heat in our apartment had to be fixed again today (which required having our landlord in our apartment for a couple hours this afternoon), and the feeling that I really need to get my stuff organized because I'm trying to incorporate Xmas gifts into my life. I'm really glad that I don't live close to my family because then they can't buy me a lot more shit. I need to be able to get my Xmas gifts back on the plane.

I'm happy that I got a chance to see my family and hang out with some friends, but part of me really thinks that maybe next year I should go to Mexico for the holidays.

Wow, I feel like such a big complainer lately...

Anyway, I guess if I had to have one overarching "resolution" for the New year, it would be:
Get on (and keep) a routine that is healthy for both my physical and mental well-being.

I feel all over the place lately. However, right now, I'm feeling ready for a new start. My landlord finally left our apartment just a bit ago, I got to have a shower after a couple of days of grossness, and I'm ready to relax and prepare myself to return to work tomorrow.

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