Monday, November 28, 2005

World record?

I went to Wes Hunting's workshop this weekend to see him try to make the world's biggest Christmas ornament. The place was packed. I had to stand on a random barrel to see over the top of people. I was lucky I got to see anything. Unfortunately, the ornament ended up with a crack in it. He was going to try again the next day, so maybe he was able to accomplish it when I wasn't there. Anyone have word on whether or not the record was broken?


Jake said...

It would seem like Cory would probably be the best reference to talk to for seeing if the record was broken. You should call him up, or talk to him on AIM if you have a screen name for him.

theawesomelelanisanchez said...

I still think Wes Hunting is a pretty awesome name.

Though prolly not as awesome as Lelani Sanchez.