Friday, September 22, 2006

The Couch

Well, we got a couch on Monday night. We bought a used couch that a girl had from Customers to homereserve build their own couches out of plywood. The couch was able to be disassembled to fit in our car, and thus we had no problem getting it into the apartment. Here's Jake as we put it together on Monday night.
Here is Jake triumphantly throwing his arms in the air after we were able to finally get a couch.
Oh, and we finally got someone to take the (other) couch away off the curb today...after someone stole one of the cushions, after we had like a dozen different people call and email about it, after we lived in fear that it would get rained on...A guy with West Virginia license plates strapped it into the back of his truck and took off. Yay, we don't have to rent another truck or something to take it to the city recycling center!

1 comment:

guammy_bear said...

You got to BUILD your own couch?

Hot. Damn.