Thursday, September 14, 2006


So, I haven't been able to get to my mail since I've moved because the girl that lived in our apartment before us took the key with her. I'm freaking out that job stuff is getting sent to me. I have substitute teaching applications out to Fairfax County and Alexandria, and I imagine they are going to send me stuff about orientations in the mail. I'm wondering what I should do if I don't get a mailkey soon...should I just have my mail held at the post office and go pick it up?

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Maria said...

That's what I'd do. Call the post office and ask. You can probably have all your mail held from now until you get your key, and maybe if you are really lucky, they'll somehow get your mail out of your mailbox for you.

Maybe you could try to figure out when your mailman stops by and see if he could give it to you.

Good luck!