Sunday, September 17, 2006


So, Jake and I thought we were going to have a couch this afternoon. We bought the couch from someone on Craigslist and used a van rented at Home Depot to pick it up (after having to deal with this incredibly bitchy woman at the Service desk there...but that's another story...). We recruited Brian to come help us carry it into our apartment. We tried everything to get the darn couch into our apartment...we tore the door off our neighbor's apartment, took off these wooden feet off the bottom, flipped to either side...everything. Now it's sitting as pictured on the curb. Crap. We spent all this money buying it and transporting it, and now we're screwed. We have nothing to sit on. Ugh! We posted it again on Craigslist, so hopefully someone will come by and buy it from us. I hope it doesn't rain on it or anything.

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guammy_bear said...

This is riCOCKulous!

I LOVE it.