Sunday, September 17, 2006

New Apartment

Here are some pictures of our new apartment. See those red curtains? I sewed the bottoms of them myself! It took me like three hours! They came from Ikea and I was supposed to be able to iron the bottoms and glue them together using this material in the package, but that really didn't work. They started coming apart, so I decided that I would sew them.

Here's Jake in our kitchen. We got some metal shelving so that we could free up more counter space. We put the microwave on the second shelf, as you can see. Tonight I set off the smoke alarm again cooking dinner. Our smoke alarm is super sensitive. It goes off a lot in the morning when we come out of the bathroom. The steam from the shower makes it think the building's burning down...

Here is a coffee table that I assembled myself. Check out the folding chairs behind it. That's what we're sitting on. No couch yet. Boo.

Here's a peek into our bedroom. We have more room in there than I thought we would. When we looked at the apartment, I think the girl had a king sized bed and that took up almost the whole room. We have a queen sized bed, so it allows us a lot more space.


Sarah said...

It looks nice, Candygirl! The red curtains are especially sweet.

guammy_bear said...

I ADORE the red curtains. And the hardwood floors. It's a kick ass place. I'm totally gonna visit.

(When I can afford to quit my job.)