Tuesday, September 11, 2007


Jake and I just bought plane tickets to go to Milwaukee the first weekend in November. We're going to a wedding reception for his friends Feryl and Erika. The thing that's different about this reception is that it's going to be a costume party, so we have to come up with costume ideas before we go.

I thought it would be cool if Jake went as Duff man and I went as a beer bottle, but then Jake saw me looking at the steps some other guy went through to make a Duff man costume and said it would be too much work. We'd have to make a belt with beer cans attached to it somehow. I don't know how I'd make myself into a beer bottle either...

Anyone have any cool costume ideas?


Maria said...

You and Jake should dress up as Oktoberfest beer drinking Germans-- him in leiderhosen (sp?) and you in a beer wench dress like on the St. Pauli girl beer bottles: http://www.stpauligirl.com/

I totally want to do this, but Rexx won't wear leiderhosen and we never go to Halloween parties, so you should do it!

Emily said...

Or perhaps Candy should wear the leiderhosen and Jake should be the beer wench?