Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Psychic Reading

Lelani and I decided to stop at a psychic in Madison yesterday. It was totally sketchy and everything one would want from a psychic reading. We rang a doorbell at the back of this woman's house and she let us in. She asked us if we wanted a tarot reading. Tarot was expensive ($45). We asked if she could do palm reading. She said sure, and the price was lower for that...we wondered if she just said she could read palms to get us to pay her something. We weren't allowed to go in and watch each others' readings, which was also sketchy. She took us to a little room in the back of the house. It had two chairs facing each other. She had an impressive collection of garden gnomes. The person left behind got to sit on the couch in the living room and watch a big screen tv while the woman's husband sat in the room. The woman's kids were in and out as well.

So, anyway, here's what came up in my "reading":

I will live a long life. I am a kind-hearted person who is willing to lend a hand. I have a temper (I think I gave her a look when she said this...), but my temper doesn't last long, only a few minutes. I have been having some relationship problems in the past year. (When I told her I didn't really see myself as having relationship problems, she pumped me for information until she found out that Jake had moved away. Then she said, "Yes, that is what I am seeing..."). She said, "You don't plan to move out any time soon?" And I was like, "Well, actually...I am moving out soon." She said that she saw that I have had disappointment in the past year, and asked if I was having problems at work. I told her that I had problems finding an internship and she responded by saying, "Yes, that is what I'm seeing." She told me that I have many good changes coming up in the future. She said that I am headed in the right direction and that the move to be with Jake will be good for me. She said she saw that I have family members worried about me, but that the worry will go away once they see that I have settled in and that I am happy. She told me that I will be financially comfortable and that I should not worry about money. In four or five months, I will have a happy reunion with someone who has been very far away.

I should have thought out a bit more what I was revealing about myself before going in. I wonder if she seized upon "relationship problems" right away because she saw my engagement ring and could put together that I was in a relationship. Damn. Anyway, it was a hoot to get to go and then talk about it with Lelani.

The picture I've included is one of Lelani and me at the park yesterday. I accidentally sat in some chocolate or something. Check out the big glob of it on my elbow.


guammy_bear said...

HA! I was just going to point out the big smudge of chocolate on your elbow but you beat me to it.

Jake said...

Candy and Lelani ask the question:

Will you read our palms if we give you money?

Psychic lady replys, "Sure, I will read your palms if you give me money."

I guess I don't blame her if it's something she doesn't normally do. But hey, I would've read your palms as well if you both gave me $25. I could just make up random vague statements about the two of you:) Plus, since I know both of you, it would be much easier ... lol.

guammy_bear said...

Jake makes a surprisingly astute point.

Damn him. Damn him to HELL.

Meanwhile: I do think he should read our palms. Yes sir. Please do. Should be hilarious.