Thursday, June 07, 2007

Well, summer has begun!

It seems now that the days are so long and the weather is warm, there has been more and more stuff going on, and all sorts of fun things planned.

Over Memorial Day weekend, I got to see a DC United game on Friday night with the Marnis. Then, Jake and I got a call from Jon and Ellen because there were a bunch of old college friends in town. It was nice to get to see some of them, because I know a couple of them aren't going to make it to the wedding. Marie has a family trip planned and Tom is in a big bike race that weekend for sure. We toured the monuments at night with them on Friday after the game. Then we went out for French food at Les Halles and drank at the Brickskeller on Saturday. On Sunday night, we came over to have lasagna with a bunch of them at Jon and Ellen's.

Here's a picture of some of us at the Brickskeller:

Last weekend, Jake and I went down to Busch Gardens with some of the people from the PTO. Then, Jake and I stayed at a hotel in Williamsburg so that we could tour Jamestown and see Williamsburg the next day.

Here's Jake at this colonial tavern we went to in Williamsburg:

I thought the whole deal of having people dressed up in colonial clothing was kind of creepy. Jake and I also got trapped on the opposite side of the street from where our car was parked and we kept getting asked to show tickets to be out on the street. I guess there's an area in Williamsburg that gets blocked off in the afternoons, and if you haven't bought a pass to be in the area, you're not allowed to walk through. It's weird.

Tomorrow, I'm going with Jake and some other people to Celebrate Fairfax to see the band Live play. Jake's friend Rob is having us over on Saturday to play Mario party on the Wii. Then, Maria comes next Friday! Yay!

Job update: I had an interview yesterday with Westat, which is an employee-owned contract research organization in Rockville. It was for a research assistant position in their Education Studies division. I had three sets of interviews with nine people total. I don't think it went too bad...I've definitely had worse. They said it might be a few weeks before they let me know about the job. The job seems pretty cool, except for the fact that it'd be in Rockville and the commute would be a pain. If I started working there, I think I might bother Jake to move again.

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Maria said...

I didn't know that they allowed people to wear bright green clothing in colonial Williamsburg-- even the visitors. That candle on the table is completely unnecessary thanks to Jakes shirt. I like it!