Wednesday, July 27, 2005


I think when I move out by Jake, we'll end up getting a dog together. What should we name it? Jake likes the name Gizmo, but that's his parents' dog's name. We can't have two Gizmos running around, in my opinion. When we get a dog, I want to train it to go to the fridge and bring me back a beer. Therefore, my vote for the dog's name is Brewski. Isn't that an awesome name? Lelani (since I'm convinced you're the only person who reads my blog regularly), what do you think?


veryimportantpeople said...

Yeah, Brewski is a better name than Gizmo 2. Gizmo 2 lacks imagination...

Do you really think I'm the only one who reads this thing regularly? That's pathetic--for both of us. I've been trying drum up a little more fanfare on your behalf; but the people know what they want; they want nakedness.

Do you think that second semi-colon was gratuitous?

Gosh, we're interesting.

How can people not love this?

princess said...

Hey, I've been reading this.

Just because it took me until tonight to realize that I didn't have to sign up for an account to leave comments doesn't mean I don't read it; I'm just slow. (I appreciate a good semicolon.)

Another vote for Brewski. Gizmo is creepy in general because it reminds me of the Gremlin that gets put in the blender (ick!) in the movie. Also, it is surpremely (sp?)unimaginative to have two dogs with the same name.

My future dogs: Ignatious (Iggy), Lucy, Lucky, Patch, and John ("What did you do last night, Maria?" "Oh, John and I took Rexx for a walk..."

Candy said...

You guys should go to Jake's blog thing and vote on a poll about dog names I put up there:

You have to sign up for it, but don't worry, I don't think you'll get random spam or anything as a result (I haven't noticed any yet).

Echo said...

Echo might be a good name.

If you ever lost it you could roam the streets screaming: Echo? Echo? Echo? Echo?

I'm gonna name my first child Echo and lose him on purpose just so I can live out that scenario.

It's so nice to hear from Maria! It's like discovering life on another planet.

We come in peace. Take us to your leader.

Maria said...

That's like Rexx's idea. We're gonna have a dog name Askm.

Then people will ask, "What's his name?"


I like to name things. And I don't want children. Perhaps I should name my plants? I have two spiderplants that sure seem like Frances and Irene to me.

Candy said...

When we lived in the dorms, Sarah and Emily liked to give names to all of their household objects. For example, one lamp was named Julia...I think the computer's name was Rodney...they had names for the tv and the answering machine and a whole bunch of stuff. Maybe you could do that, Maria...