Sunday, July 31, 2005

I found my jumpdrive!

So, yeah...I'm an idiot. I got off the phone with my sister this morning and decided that it wouldn't hurt if I searched my car for my jumpdrive one more time. I'd searched around the passenger side of the car previously (because I usually throw my purse over there, and I keep my jumpdrive inside my purse...), so I figured I wouldn't find anything. I searched the passenger side again, and then as I was looking across the car, I noticed a bit of blue yarn underneath the driver's side. It was the blue yarn that I keep tied to my jumpdrive! It was underneath the seat in my car the entire time! I think that it must have fallen out of my purse as I was digging around for my car keys while sitting in the driver's seat. I think I need to go to school and make some backups of files so that something similar doesn't happen again...

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