Sunday, July 24, 2005

My weekend

So, Maria came on Friday and we went to the Leinie's brewery together. I also took her out to Mogie's Pub for dinner and to the Acoustic Cafe to see a bluegrass band. Here is a picture of us out at the bar on Friday night. We went out with a couple people from my program. Maria said that it was her first real "college bar" experience. She says that the bars she goes to in Houghton are typically full of local people and only a few college kids.
Lelani made her way up to Eau Claire Saturday morning. We ended up having to drive her car to the mall because of my car problems (see previous post). We ran into this totally wicked storm on the way. The whole sky was green and the rain was so heavy that we had to pull off the road and wait for the storm to calm down. To kill some time, we went to this place called La Cheese (classy name, eh?) for outside of Elk Mound for lunch. La Cheese had some interesting decor. For example, the place had a popcorn machine filled with plastic cows. However, the service was slow, the menu was confusing, and the sound system was only playing static, not music. Maria concluded that she'd have to give the place a half star rating.

Here's a picture of Lelani sitting in La Cheese.

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