Sunday, January 15, 2006

Picking a picture

Well, we took a whole bunch of pictures, but it was a really windy day, so in half the pictures, my hair is blowing in my face. Also, I can't sit still enough to take a decent picture. Jake looks the same in every picture, but I'm all over the place...

Okay, this picture won't get put in the paper, but it's kind of fun because a giant hand is reaching up behind us...haha.

This picture is on the steps of the Jefferson Memorial. I like the background and everything, but my hair is weird and poofy because of the wind. Otherwise, I like it.

I was thinking about using this one as the picture for the newspaper. We're sitting on the stairs in Francis Scott Key park in Georgetown. Does this one look okay?


Emily said...

Yeah, I like that last one. You both look nice in it and the background is good, too. Plus, Francis Scott Key wrote the Star-Spangled Banner on my birthday...not really any sort of deciding factor, but I feel a special bond with Francis b/c of that...and is it me or is 'spangled' a weird word?

maria said...


It's almost as good as "slacks"

And I really like that last one too. You guys are really cute!

guammy_bear said...

Spangled is a good word...I think I'll name my first child Spangled. If it's a girl. If it's a boy it's still being christened "Foxy Lady".

I like the last pic too. It's a good one of you, Candy. And I guess it's okay for Jake too. Though you know I'm partial to the towering topless inferno of yore.

Did I use the word "yore" properly?

Is it even a word?