Monday, February 13, 2006


I got some fair trade chocolate in the mail today as a Valentine's present from Jake. Anyway, there was a card along with it with a message from Jake. The handwriting didn't look like Jake's normal handwriting. The writing was printed, and Jake normally writes in cursive, so I thought that maybe he had just printed the note inside. I made a mental note to tell him that I liked the printing inside the card, because I found the writing in the card to be fairly attractive. Very nice printing...

Anyway, I talked to him on the phone and he told me that he didn't write the note. Apparently, he just filled out some form online and typed in the info. for the note. But I swear, the note looks like it's handwritten! It doesn't look like some kind of font or something. For example, all the y's and the h's each look a little bit different, the left margin isn't perfectly lined up, and some of the lines of text slope upwards. What the hell? Could this be some advanced type of font that mimics actually handwriting, or do you think someone at the fair trade chocolate company actually wrote out what Jake typed in?

I'm slightly disappointed that this isn't actually Jake's writing. I was all excited that I had a fiance with the ability to print beautifully. Damn.


Sarah said...

That is wild. You should ask Liz about crazy fonts of the future.

guammy_bear said...

I still haven't gotten my fair trade chocolate from Jake. Maybe I should ask at the post office.