Friday, February 03, 2006

Road Trip to Canada

Sarah came to visit me today. We ate lunch at Panera and went to see Brokeback Mountain. Yay! I had fun. The landscapes in Brokeback were gorgeous. Now I want to go to Canada because that's where it was filmed. Lelani, let's go on vacation. We can pick up Maria on the way. I want to go camping in the mountains.

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guammy_bear said...

I want to see this movie, I think. Was it good?

I always hesitate to see "thinky" movies at the theater. I feel like it's just so much easier to watch the box office hits. You know what you're getting for your money: crap. At least there are no surprises.

I feel like I always expect enlightenment from thinky movies and when I don't get it, I'm fully put off.

I just watched Turtles Can Fly and Nobody Knows. I suggest (cuz I can't spell recommend...reccommend?...) that you watch Turtles Can Fly. Nobody knows was a total bummer. It was based on a true story apparently...Turtles Can Fly was fully unusual. I like unusual.